Cloud Based Application

Hosted on Amazon's leading cloud infrastructure, LabelLogic Live enables you to create, amend, update and print your labels with ease and on the go, whilst remaining fully compliant with food labelling legislation at all times.

Simply use Planglow USA’s state-of-the-art, online application on any device and a desktop printer to print product labels on demand!


Select a label and template

We have a selection of predesigned label templates for you to choose from or an easy to use label design tool should you wish to create your own layout

Add your data

Type a creative title, description, price and any other necessary information such as allergens AND categorise your product data

Print your labels

Categorise your print lists for easy print management and print on the go from any device


User Friendly

LabelLogic Live is simple, intuitive, has a clear user interface and help prompts should you need them.

Internet Based

No installation is required and you can make changes from anywhere, on the go.

Secure Access

Data is always accessible, while ensuring it is backed up reliably and securely on the cloud.

User Management

You have the ability to add your own users and restrict permissions on a per-user basis.

Automatic Updates

No need to worry about updates - changes are instantly applied.

Full Nutri Breakdown

Display nutritional tables and Reference Intakes with ease.
Multi site example


LabelLogic Live can be run on a multitude of platforms including: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Works On Any Device

LabelLogic Live can be used on any device that is connected to the internet (including mobiles and tablets).


Part Of A Large Multi-Site Group?

LabelLogic Live enables head office to create, roll out and lock down data and templates without having to police for consistency or errors. Providing HUGE benefits:

  • Create and control a master database everyone can access.
  • Changes are applied instantly and to all sites. This means that if an ingredient changes or an error is spotted this can be amended and updated across all sites instantly.
  • Substantial cost and time savings.
  • Ensures consistency across all sites.
  • As well as localised changes as and where you permit, whilst restricting other elements.

How Does It Work?

LabelLogic Live is available for Planglow USA customers to use in conjunction solely with Planglow USA labels. Please contact our Sales Team to purchase your labels to use in conjunction with LabelLogic Live and state that you would like to sign up.

Following this you will receive an email within 24hrs from Planglow USA with your login details and a link to the program where you will be asked to create your own password.

How does it work?

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